Resident Coach/Choreographer

Mr. Pierce has been a fixture at National Dance Clubs since the early 1990's.  With a strong background in almost every style of dance from ballroom, latin, and swing, to ballet, african, and tap dancing, Mr. Pierce provides our students and staff with enormous access to many different styles in order to "broaden their horizons".  

He is an award winning choreographer, coach, mentor and friend to many in our industry.  He has choreographed and produced countless shows and events for National Dance Clubs, and although he currently resides in New York City, we are so happy to have him as a regular addition to our team.  

JT THomas

Regional Dance Director

​JT Thomas is a United States and World American Smooth Champion.  She is an award-winning choreographer and incredible coach! JT provides our students and staff with ongoing training, as she is in our club on a consistent weekly basis.  

She works to help our staff and students build and maintain a high level of dance training, and mentors them in pursuing their goals.  She produces and choreographs many of our shows, and we're thrilled that she is our Regional Dance Director!

Gary Pierce